The Better Off

by The Day After



New single from THE DAY AFTER's upcoming EP "What's Right Here in Front of Me" due out later this year!

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I guess I've found my way to honestly say the things, I had no choice, but I had to voice this conflict of interest, because you wanted me to say that I was "the one", clearly I'm the one you gave up on, so let me put this all in perspective for you, not a word you said about me is true, so tell me the truth, can you say that when you look at me, you know where I went wrong, it's not your concept of success that makes you truly understand my thoughts and my actions, and if you've still got something left to say, why don't you put me in my place, speak up, my passive aggression will only lead me down a path to seclusion, my only comfort is the knowledge that I will never let you define me, (I don't have a single thing left to say to you, but if I did it would simply be this: "I hope one day, we'll both be better off") how can you say that when you look at me, you know where I went wrong, my only hope is that one day you might just come to understand my thoughts and my actions, I hope, that you know, sometimes I would be better off alone, but you know, MY THOUGHTS ARE NO JUST ABOUT ME, I've heard the rumors that you, that you were pushing while you're pulling yourself from the uncomfortable notion of me, you can do better for yourself, can't you see, that we are all the ones, that you turned your back on, and the sky your eyes are on, will just continue to darken... I hope one day we'll be better off...


released June 28, 2014
Written, recorded and produced by The Day After at The Vessel Productions in McCordsville, IN. Engineered, mixed and mastered by Jordan Furr of The Vessel Productions.



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The Day After Indianapolis, Indiana

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